Aitchison College, Lahore.


FAQs on the Admissions Process 2019

  1. Why is there an Admissions process?
  2. Many more boys apply for Aitchison College than there are available places. Our chief aim is to identify boys who are academically able and most likely to benefit from either a day or boarding placement in a school with compulsory sport and co-curricular activities. Boys admitted to Aitchison College undertake to be fully engaged with the College program throughout the whole of their school journey.

  3. How does one apply for Admissions?
  4. Download the 'Request for Registration Form' from the College website available from January 1st, 2019 and return with the requested Registration fee. The College will then mail the Application form that has to be returned with all supporting documents within the due date. The invitation for Admissions will be published in all major newspapers of Pakistan.Closing date is February 1st, 2019.

  5. Are there different categories of enrolment?
  6. Yes. Applicants may select either a day or boarding enrolment option (not both) where indicated in the application.

  7. Where do Admissions testing and interviews take place?
  8. Testing and interviews only take place at Aitchison College on specified dates for each grade.

  9. Why do you hold an interview?
  10. Interviews are held to determine the general suitability of boys; for example, whether they are socially ready for school and the greater demands of Aitchison College. This particularly applies to boarding admissions. Interviews may also reveal other aspects of academic suitability or challenges not necessarily revealed in an Admissions test. It is also an opportunity to meet parents and to clarify school expectations and answer questions or concerns they may have. The College doctor will also utilize this time to conduct age verification. If in the opinion of medical advice the age of a boy is determined to be unsuitable for a particular year group, the College reserves the right to cancel an Admissions offer.

  11. Is there a ‘kinship’ category?
  12. No. All candidates have an equal opportunity of gaining Admissions to Aitchison College.

  13. Under which years are open for admission in 2019?
  14. The College will be admitting students into K1 to C2 in 2019. Admissions to H1 (AS Level) will be considered in August when Cambridge results are to hand. All other year levels are by school testing. By far the largest intake is in Year 2 (K2) and Year 7 (E2). Year 1 (K1) is reserved exclusively for boarders from distant or remote areas outside Lahore. All year level admission numbers are dependent on availability based on returning students.

  15. How does Aitchison determine the numbers of boys to be admitted?
  16. With the approval of the Board of Governors the College reserves the right to offer day or boarding places by category and number according to the on-going availability in each category.This may include a second round offer if places are not filled.

  17. How can I help my son prepare for the Admissions tests?
  18. The College offers a ‘Guide to Admissions Testing.’ This guide may be downloaded from the College website. This is the only information that Aitchison provides on testing.

  19. Does Aitchison manages its own Admissions testing? Is it secure?
  20. Aitchison College manages its own Admissions process. The Principal is the only person who approves and has access to final test papers. He personally delivers tests to the examination centre on the day of testing and these are delivered direct to his office on completion.

  21. Who can answer enquiries on Admissions?
  22. All queries should be emailed to the Admissions Office at:

  23. Is Aitchison connected with any preparatory academy or pre-school?
  24. No. Aitchison has no legal affiliation or association with any preparatory academy or pre-school.

  25. When do applications for Admissions start and close?
  26. Applications for registration are available from January 1st, 2019. No applications will be accepted after the closing time and date of 5pm February 1st, 2019.

  27. When does testing and interviewing take place?
  28. Testing takes place in April.

  29. Which boys are called to interview?
  30. Boys are called to interview based solely on their test results. Very strong results in English and Mathematics are essential.

  31. On what terms are boys admitted as boarders?
  32. Boarding places are for full boarding only. Boys entering Junior School as boarders must board for a minimum of 8 years. Boys entering boarding from Prep School onward must board for the remainder of their time at school.

  33. Can my son be admitted as a weekly boarder?
  34. No. Weekly boarding is only offered to existing day boys who wish to transfer to boarding. Weekly boarding is not a category of enrolment.

  35. If my son is admitted as a full boarder can he later transfer to weekly or day student status?
  36. No. Boys offered places in full boarding will not be allowed to transfer to weekly boarding or day student status. Because of this boarding places are normally offered to those who could not otherwise attend the College owing to travelling distance. refer 17 above.

  37. Who makes up the Interview Committee?
  38. The Principal, relevant Heads of School and, when applicable, Boarding Housemaster or Housemistress.

  39. May parents accompany their sons to the interview?
  40. Yes, but the preliminary part of the interview will be held in private with the candidate..

  41. Is there an age criteria? Do you allow age waivers?
  42. Yes, there is an age criteria. No, age waivers are not granted.

  43. Can my son be exempted from a test in Urdu?
  44. Exemption may apply to boys educated overseas or for those educated in Pakistan for less than 2 years. Verification by school record will be required. In such case, a boy will sit an additional English paper.

  45. What if my son is sick or injured and cannot attend admission testing?
  46. The College may offer a short grace period in the case of genuine illness or injury that prevents a candidate from sitting for a test on the published date. In such cases, proof will be required for the College doctor to assess. Any final decision is at the Principal’s discretion. Requests must reach the Principal’s Office prior to the testing date. A candidate who qualifies for a deferred Admissions Test owing to unexpected illness or injury as determined by the College doctor will be required to sit for a replacement paper or papers at a time of the College's choosing and no later than three days after the completion of the original test paper.

  47. Is it fair that some boys are older than others when being tested for the same grade of entry?
  48. The age ranges of boys will vary by up to a year in all grades, at any school. Tests are aligned with the best standards in each applicable grade of entry as one would expect at a selective entry school. The ‘Guide to Admissions Testing’ enables boys to prepare on an equal footing.

  49. When will information be made available to families on whether their son has been successful or unsuccessful?
  50. All families will receive notification by letter from the Principal before the end of May.

  51. Who marks and checks the scores of test papers?
  52. All papers are marked multiple times by specialist subject teachers, results moderated, and then triple counted by the Mathematics Department.

  53. Does Aitchison publish scores? Can a parent have access to admission test papers? Can a parent ask where his child was ranked?
  54. No. It is a condition of the Registration process that parents accept the College’s decision as final and that results are kept private and test papers remain confidential. This is a ranking exercise for Admissions and not a school test or diagnostic test for public purposes.

  55. Interviews also form an essential part of the decision-making process. The Principal will also determine whether an applicant will suit the culture of Aitchison and if he is likely to benefit from a place in boarding or day school.

  56. Horse riding is compulsory for all Junior boys. 

Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E