The following information applies to 2019-20 Candidates for Admission:

  1. Guided Syllabus will be available from November 20, 2018
  2. Applications for admission and registration downloads available during period January 1 to February 1, 2019
  3. Testing and Letters of Offer April, 2019
  4. Finalisation of places anticipated May 2019

Aitchison College is the most sought after school in Pakistan. We offer places from K2 to C2 and H1 each year if seats are available in Day and Boarding. K2 and E2 are the biggest intakes with approximately 140 and 80 seats respectively. Entry to all other years listed is very limited and depends entirely upon leavers making way. H1 has a separate academic entrance requirement. While seats are usually settled by May, we do sometimes have places come up unexpectedly with very late withdrawals. If this occurs, we reserve the right to interview and allocate those few seats in a Round 2 offer to boys on the merit list.

The College does not share papers (present or past) or post results. Its Guide to Syllabuses is a guide only. Papers are set according to the needs of the College and for ranking candidates -there is no 'pass' or 'fail.' Papers are marked multiple times by specialist subject staff across the school and marks counted and rechecked by the Senior Mathematics Department.

Please note that FAQ should be read in conjunction with all information displayed here.

The College NTN is 4199854-5.