Junior School

Since its creation on 26 the November, 1996, Junior School has been a vibrant and busy place for everyone; our young students, staff and parents. The unique experience of boarding at a young age also means boys mix with and find friendships with other boys from all over Pakistan. These are the friendships that start a lifelong association with the College.

Most students are offered admission in Class 2, but at all levels boys are exposed to sound values, ethics, play and activities that encourage intellectual growth and positive socialization.

Cinque TerreMrs. Fatima Mubeen
Headmistress, Junior School

Teachers, housemistresses and administrative staff carry a great sense of personal responsibility for each individual student’s progress in an holistic education nurturing emotional, intellectual, physical, social, artistic, spiritual, critical and creative development of each child. Cambridge studies in English, Mathematics and Science underpin a broad and stimulating curriculum from K2 to K5. Half yearly and Annual examinations commence in K4. Younger ages engage in formative assessment tasks.

Nine School Houses are at the centre of a dynamic school programme. Beyond the formal classroom, involvement in inclusive morning assemblies, reading, recitation, essay writing, handwriting, national songs, debates, Naa’t, Qir’at, Three Heroes, Star Muslim, Star behavior, International Kangaroo Mathematics, Mathematics Dodging Tables, Annual Exhibitions, Annual Plays, and many sports makes an Aitchison education uniquely well-rounded. We celebrate and enjoy cultural, traditional, natural, social and religious festivals as a whole community. We acknowledge boys’ achievements and contributions. We place as much emphasis on cooperation and collaboration as we do on healthy competition.  We are helping boys to believe in themselves and the value of being part of happy and safe community.

Our success and existence lies in the fact that our students aged 5-10 love Junior School. Our balance between Cambridge International Core subjects and national subjects helps prepare boys a smooth entry into higher classes and greater expectations.