From the earliest contributions to the more recent acts of philanthropy, Aitchison College has benefited greatly from the generous support of Old Boys and others who believe in the advancement of education. If you would like to support the College’s high standards of education or simply give back as an Old Aitchisonian, there are several ways for you to support us. Gifts to Aitchison College can be made for any of the following purposes:

The Old Building Fund

Our Goal Rs. 90M Rs. 70M

Our donation drive for the Old Building has so far raised 70 million rupees and we thank all those who came to the rescue. The amount has allowed us to make an immediate start but we have a long way to go. Donations are still welcome and needed. The anticipated total cost of the project is estimated to be 90 million rupees.

In order to be renovated and returned to its former glory, the Old Building has been closed until at least March 2020. It is a long time to be without our iconic building, but the end result will ensure that it stands strong and tall for another century. This is a masterful, ambitious and time consuming project.

Old Boy architect Raees Faheem has been overseeing the entire project and the Board subcommittee has been receiving regular updates.  

One of the key observations made was that the building must be used to ensure its long term survival. To this end, we have plans to have the ‘Old Building’ operated as a Music School in 2020.

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Student Bursaries

Financial constraints should not become a hurdle in the completion of a boy's education at Aitchison College. To this end, we wish to establish a Bursary Fund to help students in need. Bursaries are extremely important for extending the life-changing experience of an Aitchison education to boys (including new enrolments) from diverse and often remote backgrounds. By contributing to our Bursary Fund, you are helping some of the brightest young minds in the country. A bursary can be arranged individually or among a group of old boy donors. The Principal notes that “bursaries will be applied to help boys from outside the Punjab and who come from areas either remote or poor. Aitchison has a role to play here.”

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The Sports Master Plan

The Board of Governors has approved the Sporting Master Plan and formed a committee for the purpose of implementing one of the largest projects since our foundation. The project will bring about massive change in the quality of our sporting facilities. Naming rights will be considered. You may fund any of the following Sports Projects at the College:

  • Jafar Memorial Hockey Pitch
  • New basketball courts
  • New Tennis Centre
  • Diving Pool at Senior Swimming and modernized pool with electronic touch pads and results board
  • Multi-Purpose Gymnasium  

Our plan for a new multi-purpose gymnasium is available on the College website. We aim to raise 4 million USD.

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A bequest can provide support for strengthening the College into the future. To continue our legacy and to build the base for future achievements, we look to our alumni community for support. By naming Aitchison as the beneficiary of a portion of y our estate, or of particular assets in y our estate, you will be making a consequential contribution to the future of the College. A bequest left to Aitchison College can be either named or made anonymously. It can be made in a variety of ways to reflect a person’s particular wishes. Bequests in support of Aitchison College should be left ideally for use at the College’s own discretion, for these will help the College meet its most pressing needs. Bequests will not be applied to running costs, salaries or other operating expenses, but in support of specific areas of the College’s operation such as libraries, bursaries, building projects or other areas of specific interest.


Old Building Donors
Corporate Partners


We are grateful to all our donors and partners for their support. All donors are sent an acknowledgement letter by the Principal.

We also show our appreciation for generous contributions by inviting donors to College events and special luncheons. Their names / company logos are also published in the Aitchison College alumni newsletter and on the College website.

Naming rights can be offered to those who fully fund a major capital project.

Donors who have given a minimum of 5 lacs to the Old Building Renovation Fund will have their names remembered forever on a plaque in the Hall of Honour. This is a highly significant historical gesture. There will be a ‘cut-off’ date for the plaque, after which no further names will be added.


Online Donation: Please click here to donate online.

Cheque/Bank Draft: Please send your bank drafts or cheques (Payee: Principal Aitchison College) to the: Bursar, Aitchison College, Shahrah-e-Quaid-eAzam, Lahore – 54000.


For any queries or information, please email

111-363-063 (Ext. 333 or 427)