|25 November 2016

Aitchison College held its first Careers’ Evening on 25th November, 2016 at the Senior School where Old Boys from a variety of professions were invited to share their experiences and insights with the H1 and H2 boys. The event provided the students an excellent opportunity to get tips and advice from those already working in the field.

The Careers' Evening featured 12 alumni guest speakers who spoke in parallel sessions in two time slots. The speakers included: Mr. Mumshad Ali for Engineering, Dr. Omar Aziz Rana for Medicine/Cardiology, Dr. Imran Khalid Niazi for Medicine/Radiology, Mr. Gulzeb Khan for Accounting and Finance, Mr. Farid Malik for Economics, Mr. Jazib Zahir for Entrepreneurship, Brig. Zahid Nawaz Mann for Armed Services, DIG Shahzad Sultan for Police, Mr. Aasim Zafar Khan for Journalism, Mr. Muhammad Ali for Creative Arts, Mr. Daniyal Naeem Dar for Dental Medicine and Mr. Sameer Khosa for Law.

The speakers delivered 20-30 minute talks followed by Q&A sessions which saw active participation from the students. The boys left the sessions with a deeper understanding about their areas of interest and a clearer sense of direction.

The Old Boys were delighted to be back at their alma mater and to be able to share their knowledge and expertise with the present boys. They were highly appreciative of the students’ enthusiasm during sessions.

Interactive sessions with professionals from different fields allowed the students to acquire the guidance and inspiration they needed to succeed in their future careers. “It is a promising start of a new tradition. It will grow and develop into a regular College feature,” said College Principal Mr. Michael Thomson.