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When Aitchison was founded in 1886, its emphasis was on educating the 'princely elites.' Since Independence this has given way to an egalitarian mix of pupils drawn from all parts of the country. Cambridge curriculum is taught in junior and prep schools, with the additional options of FBISE Matric and FSc in senior. Aitchison College offers a broad and challenging educational program for boarding and day students, based on the added benefits of engagement in sports, clubs and societies.


Boarding adds value to the quality of education

There are 8 boarding houses at Aitchison that have excellent facilities including their own dining halls, prep rooms and common rooms. Each house displays its history in photographs and trophies, marking the achievements of boys throughout our history. A boarder's life graduates from Gwyn (Years 1 to 5) to Saigol (Years 6 to 8) to Bahawalpur (Year 9) then to one of five senior houses, Kelly, Godley, Leslie Jones, K&N's and Shirazi (Years 10 to 13). Life is busy with supervised homework tutorials, games, sports, clubs and occasional outings.

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