Clubs & Societies

There is a wide array of traditional and modern pursuits for boys to enjoy in all three schools. Clubs and Societies form a major part of university applications in Senior School, where there are more than twenty clubs and societies operating. Our extensive grounds also enable interested boys to participate in the Horticultural, Ornithological and Bee clubs.

1Art & Media Society 13German Club
2Bazm-e-Adab Society 14History & Archives Society
3Bazm-e-Tamseel Society 15Humanitarian and Environment Society
4Chess Society 16Islamic Society
5Computer Society 17Law Society
6Dramatics Club 18Literary Society
7Economics Society 19Mathematics Society
8English Debating Society 20Model United Nations Society
9Entrepreneurial Society 21Music Society
10Environment, Ornithology and Bee Clubs 22Quiz Society
11French Club 23Science Society
12Geography Society