Admissions Policy & Process

Aitchison College admits boys on the basis of academic and general suitability. The application process must be completed before a boy is considered an eligible candidate. Applications may only be made for one of the two enrollment categories (boarding or day) and not both. Entries into Junior, Prep and Senior are treated separately for admission purposes. Age criteria is followed strictly and there are no age waivers given. A boy suspected of being over-age will be medically assessed and an offer withdrawn should he be found over-age for his year of entry. No boy may appear more than once in a testing cycle. An offer of admission will also be automatically withdrawn if an application, transcript, reference or age document has been falsified in any way.

Test papers and results (Junior and Prep) are not shared and nor does the College discuss the performance of individual applicants. This is a condition of application. The College reserves the right to offer additional places to eligible students, at any time and at any year level, in order to reach full capacity. A boy who is offered a place in either Junior or Prep will have completed competitive admission tests and been interviewed before a final decision is made by the Principal.

Boys who have been schooled in Lahore are normally ineligible to apply for a boarding place in Junior or Prep. Please direct your enquiries to the HR, Ext: 281. Aitchison's boarding is on a national scale. Conditional and limited bursaries are available to boys who qualify for admission from Baluchistan, FATA, Sindh, KPK, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Southern Punjab.