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Aitchison College benefits from the generous support of Old Boys (and others) who believe in the advancement of education. If you would like to support the College by 'giving back' there are several ways for you to support us. Gifts to Aitchison College can be made for any of the following purposes:

Student Bursaries

Financial constraints should not become a hurdle in the completion of a boy's education at Aitchison College, nor should remote boys from poor families be denied an opportunity to experience Aitchison, if they qualify. To this end, we have established two main Bursary Funds to help students in need. Bursaries are extremely important for extending the life-changing experience of an Aitchison education to boys (including new enrolments) from diverse and often remote backgrounds. By contributing to our Bursary Fund, you are helping some of the brightest young minds in the country. A bursary can be arranged individually or among a group of old boy donors. The Principal notes that “Bursaries will be applied to help boys from outside the Punjab and who come from areas either remote or poor. Aitchison has a role to play here.”

'Friends' of Aitchison College Inc" (FoAC) is a trust entity set up in New York by Old Aitchisonians of the Class of '94. The co-founders include: Usman Hamid Malik, Awais Karal & Mahmud Yar Hiraj and Board Members include Atif Mian, Omar Saeed and Yasser Toor. This is a tax exempt charity and lends itself to generous donations.

"The Langland's Fund" seeks donations to help boarders from remote areas, whether by helping with tuition fees, clothing or sports attire. The College does much to help in this regard, but many old boys with connections to Major Langlands' are committed to extending small donations on a regular basis and especially after visiting either the Langlands' Room or College Archives, where there is a collection box. Cheques may be made out to: "The Principal, Aitchison College."

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College Masterplan

The Board of Governors approved an ambitious Master Plan in 2019: the largest since our foundation. The project has already produced massive change in the quality and preservation of our facilities, thanks to donations so far received in excess of 1 billion rupees. Major donors are afforded naming rights.

We are seeking donors for the following projects:

  • New Food Hall in Senior School
  • Multi-Purpose Gymnasium
  • Rugby Pavilion
  • Riding Club Pavilion

Please contact the Principal for an appointment.

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A bequest can provide support for strengthening the College into the future. To continue our legacy and to build the base for future achievements, we look to our alumni community for support. By naming Aitchison as the beneficiary of a portion of your estate, or of particular assets in your estate, you will be making a consequential contribution to the future of the College. A bequest left to Aitchison College can be either named or made anonymously. It can be made in a variety of ways to reflect a person’s particular wishes. Bequests in support of Aitchison College should be left ideally for use at the College’s own discretion, for these will help the College meet its most pressing needs. Bequests will not be applied to running costs, salaries or other operating expenses, but in support of specific areas of the College’s operation such as libraries, bursaries, building projects or other areas of specific interest.

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