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If you think in years, plant rice,
If you think in decades, plant trees,
If you think in centuries, educate your children.
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Aitchison's dedicated teachers and medical staff are deeply committed to the welfare of our students. The College's 'Welfare Committees' in each school meet to discuss issues affecting boys and how best we can educate for positive outcomes. Two School Counselors/ Psychologists also play pivotal roles both as part of this committee and independently. A strongly integrated House system promotes sound group dynamics with an equal focus on the individual, so that all pupils feel safe and valued at school. Our approach to well-being is to be proactive.

The welfare of all pupils is based on the understanding of shared values. Our basic aim is to keep channels of communication open between students, teachers and parents so that we are able to communicate and educate with clarity. Regular Parent Gatherings and PT days assist in this.

Leadership programmes instill respect for the College and the vast array of individual talents within the cohort.