IT Essentials for Staff and Students

Your IT account gives you access to official email, My Aitchison and many other IT services. You can access Google Apps for Education by logging in with your email address.


All new students are centrally registered by the college administration. Once you become a student, you will receive your account details on how to use your IT account to get full access to IT facilities.


If you are a new member of staff and have not yet been given your account details, you can download application form and send request to [email protected] for internet and email facility.

Once you receive the credentials for your account, you are required to change the password and enable two-factor authentication.

How to change Password

How to enable Two Factor Authentication

  • Install Google Chrome on your computers
  • Install Google Meet
  • Change your password and secure your account
  • Setup your devices and customize the Google workspace. You can download Apps for Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Drive.
  • Install Antivirus and Update your computers.

Aitchison College, Lahore is using the collaborative and productive tools of Google Workspace for Education. These tools help strengthen student's learning and the connections between school, and parents – all within a secure digital learning environment.

Your official email address is [email protected]

How to login:

Go to
Enter your school email address
Enter the current password of Parents' Portal for the first time

You can access all information as you log in to My Aitchison.

You can access the official email account and other key resources including:

  1. Google Classroom - A quick reference guide for students
  2. Joining Google Meet
  3. Rules for google meet sessions
  4. Weekly schedule for online classes
Stay Secure
  1. Keep your computers and other devices up to date.
  2. Set strong passwords.
  3. Watch out for Phishing and Spam Emails.
  4. Keep personal information personal.
  5. Change your password regularly.
  6. Enable two-factor authentication.
  7. Install licensed antivirus and Operating Systems on your computers.