Aitchison Senior Mathematics Society Delegation bags medals at SEAMO X

The Aitchison College Senior School Mathematics Society sent a four-member delegation to participate in the South-East Asian Math Olympiad X 2024 under the supervision of Sir Arshad Hassan. Around 500 participants from 20+ Asian countries competed in this competition which was held on the 20th of January, 2024.

The four students had previously participated in the online local variant of the competition held in October. Three of them had received gold and silver medals.

Pakistan’s delegation of a total of 9 students, comprising the four Aitchisonians, travelled to Singapore between the 18th and 22nd of January to compete in this global competition. The following are the results of the Aitchisonian delegation:

Aman Asif H1 Bronze Medal (Champions’ Division)
Aayan Faraz Shaikh H1 Merit Medal (Champions’ Division)
Raem Anis Rahman H1 Merit Medal (Champions’ Division)
Rayyan Faisal H1 Credit Medal (Open Division)

Out of the entire Pakistani delegation, Aman Asif was the only student to receive a bronze medal (or higher), ranking in the top 40% of all participants. This also marks the first SEAMO X bronze medal (or higher) achieved in Aitchison’s history.

The society had previously sent another delegation to participate in a separate Olympiad in Singapore, in which it saw success as well. This January, it secured its position as a forerunner in the international math circuit representing Pakistan with honour, and has uplifted the standard for performance in future competitions.