Admissions Policy

Aitchison College admits boys on the basis of academic and general suitability, whereby a boy who is offered a place in the College will have successfully completed the Admission Test and been interviewed both individually and with parents in attendance. *The Principal is ultimately responsible for approving all admissions. The College offers both Day and Boarding places but limits the number of enrollments in each category to optimize its educational program. Applications may only be made for one of the two enrollment categories and not both. Boarding places are offered, first, to boys who reside outside Lahore. Aitchison offers boarding on a national scale and therefore encourages boarding applications from boys in provinces other than the Punjab. K1 is exclusively reserved for our youngest boarders. Boys who have been schooled in Lahore for more than 6 months are ineligible to apply for a boarding place. Prospective parents should check age criteria. The College does not offer age waivers.

The College reserves the right to offer additional places to eligible students, at any time, in order to reach full capacity. The College admission tests are set purely for the purposes of determining a boy's academic suitability. Test papers and results are not shared. These are purely for the College's diagnostic purposes.

*During the Pandemic, it may not be possible to conduct interviews.