Aitchison College seeks teachers who are deeply committed to boys' education and an understanding of how boys are motivated and learn best in and beyond the classroom. Teachers at Aitchison are more than just teachers; they are inspired to help beyond the perfunctory and take an active interest in the progress and attainments of boys. We expect our teachers to form positive and effective relationships with students; combining compassion with an unfussy but effective way of going about things. Aitchison values above all else the building of character and expects its teachers to be exemplary mentors.

Only experienced teachers are considered with a minimum of a Masters degree in their teaching discipline. Applications must come through the Careers platform and not directly to the Principal or any other member of staff.  The Vice Principal's office reviews and shortlists all applicants, and handles employment enquiries. Contact by any other means will be ignored.

Applications and enquiries for non teaching positions must be directed to the Bursar: email

Alumni Relations Officer


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, promote and manage programmes to keep Aitchison College alumni connected to each other and the College
  • Keep the alumni aware of important College developments and needs
  • Ensure accurate and complete alumni database records
  • Establish and build relationships with a wide range of alumni
  • Handle alumni queries
  • Coordinate, create and manage a diary of engaging alumni events
  • Plan and produce content for the alumni newsletter
  • Plan, create and manage all content on the alumni portal and social media channels
  • Conduct tours of the College
  • Assist with all aspects of fundraising appeals and campaigns where required
  • Organise alumni talks and sessions for present students; creating mentorship opportunities
  • Maintain regular communication with alumni via direct contact, email, alumni portal and print publications
  • Work in close liaison with the Aitchison College Old Boys Association for organizing alumni events and activities


Qualifications and Experience:

  • A University degree in communications /media or related fields
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • An excellent command over written and spoken English
  • Writing and editorial skills
  • Strong IT skills
  • Ability to plan and write content for print publications, alumni portal and social media channels
  • Ability to plan, organize and facilitate a range of events.
  • Ability to engage effectively with a diverse alumni community

  1. Director of Swimming

    General Description:     

    This position is responsible for an organizational and supervisory role. The Director assists with conducting all matters relating to swimming at all three schools of Aitchison College (Junior, Prep and Senior) including; competitions, practices, instructions, coordination, planning and decision making. It also demands assisting with maintenance and custodial duties and keeping records and reports. 

    The timings shall be from early morning to late afternoon including some weekends.

    The Director reports to The Director of Sports.



    1. A minimum of a bachelor's degree (a sports related degree is preferred)
    2. At least five years coaching experience in a (public) school
    3. Completion of, at least, FINA level 1 course
    4. Must have good interpersonal skills
    5. Thorough knowledge of all related techniques and strategies
    6. Must be familiar with the usage of IT
    7. Must be able to communicate and work with a team in a leading role



    1. Report, assist and liaise with the Director of Games to implement rules and regulations
    2. Organise and create swimming events, training and practice schedules
    3. Monitor, assess and maintain a track record of students during competitions and consult and report to Head of Games and Director of Games
    4. Prepare plans and schedules for  different schools
    5. Select teams in consultation with Director of Games
    6. Monitoring the listing process at the end of a term/competition and forwarding to all concerned
    7. Supervision of swimming staff, pools and related equipment and necessary reporting
    8. Attending meetings from time to time to discuss and report to the Principal or other appropriate administrator 
    9. Discharge any other related duties as assigned by the management


    We, at Aitchison, provide a very congenial and supportive environment to help employees grow and develop. We expect the best from our staff.