Boarding FAQ

Do I have to decide whether or not to apply for a boarding place at the time of registration?

Normally, yes. We accept most boarders in K1 but also accept boarders after that time on a fairly regular basis, if there are available spaces, Weekly Boarding is only for Day boys wishing to make a transfer from that status.

International Boarding Enrolment

There are very limited places available for this category in Senior School. To qualify a boy must have been educated outside Pakistan and have had little or no experience of the Pakistan educational system. In this case, international boys may apply on the basis of international curriculum results.

Can I express a preference for a particular boarding house?

Yes. We will always aim to respect any preferences indicated. However, we cannot guarantee a candidate will be allocated the house requested. Family connections and histories are satisfied where possible and in the interests of the boarding programme.

Can I board during the school holidays?

No, unless remote living locations preclude sensible travel arrangements.

Can I stay at school at weekends?

All full-time boarders stay over weekends and are involved in an active programme.

Can I board if my parents live overseas?


How often can my parents visit me?

The second Sunday of each month is set aside for visitations or day leave, as well as the last weekend that can be utilised for overnight leave with parents or approved guardians. This is to ensure a balance between family life and the routines of boarding. Clearly there are exceptions to this rule in cases of family emergencies and need. The Housemaster or Housemistress approves all visits outside normal arrangements.

Is boarding hard?

Boarding has rules but mostly shared values. There is a routine and this is to develop self-discipline and to aid the proper functioning of the community. There is a dress code -formal and relaxed. There is 'lights out' and certain times when calls cannot be taken unless there is an emergency. There is set Prep times throughout the week. There are sporting and games' fixtures. Boarders have excellent living conditions and an extraordinary campus to enjoy. Making friends and benefiting from peers are the two most celebrated aspects of being a boarder.