Ahsan Javed Science Innovation Centre Officially Opened
Saturday May 27

H.E Governor of the Punjab, Muhammad Balighur Rehman, and representative donor, old boy and Board member Mr. Siddque Bhatti, opened the long awaited Ahsan Javed Science Innovation Centre for Astrophysics, Biochemistry, AI and Robotics and Environmental Studies. Principal Thomson spoke of the driving need to modernise learning in science, and paid tribute to the AJ Foundation and U.S Apparel and Textiles for their generosity in donating this building, along with assisting in the upgrade of Chemistry laboratories. The new A.J. Quadrangle adds valuable space to senior school for functions and new canteen outlets. The Governor addressed a large gathering and paid tribute to Mr. Bhatti and fellow donors, while also commending Aitchison on its strategic planning in the critically important area of Science. He expressed confidence in the new facility producing enthusiastic and future successful scientists.