Aitchison has been a Cambridge school since 1935 and offers this curriculum in all three schools: Junior, Prep and Senior. We are also an official Cambridge Examination Centre and the only school in Pakistan to enjoy this privilege.We also offer Agha Khan FSc, thus enabling boys to choose the most suitable curriculum for university and specialised courses. FSc is offered primarily to boys seeking entry to medical school in Pakistan, but also for boys who prefer a National option. All boys in Senior School must attempt IGCSE before specalising either in Cambridge or FSc. IGCSE offers both national and international streams.

Aitchison has its own SAT Centre and is affiliated with the American College Board.

Our Cambridge pedagogy is heavily influenced by international learner profiles and an explorative approach to teaching and learning. Classrooms are seen as dynamic places, although learning also takes place outside the classroom to expose students to practical and collaborative tasks.Teachers undertake regular professional development and there is a solid core of Cambridge Master Trainers in each of our schools. Academic departments are led by highly qualified and experienced men and women. All teachers possess a minimum Masters degree in their teaching discipline.

Each Head in Junior, Prep and Senior School is assisted by a Deputy or Deputies, Year Level Coordinators and Heads of Department with support staff. Junior School has Heads of Lower and Upper sections, acknowledging a separation between early childhood development and older student expectations.

High Academic Achievers

Principal and senior staff with high academic achievers placed in Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth and Brown universities.