Aitchison Planning Second new Senior Boarding House


April 25th, 2021

As work commences on the new K&N's house due for opening in August 2022, Aitchison plans for an additional senior house to carry through its vision of expanding national boarding. The Principal reported that Aitchison must lead the way in bringing first-rate education to a representative number of boys from across the nation, if it is to maintain relevance and apply its remarkable facilities with an eye to equal opportunity. He said, "It seems obvious that boys from different corners of the country will benefit from sharing education and building friendships. This we already do, but we are keen to expand the reach of the program." On the matter of curriculum, Mr. Thomson revealed that Aitchison will offer national and international options to senior boys and this is currently being discussed. 

The College Board Sub Committee will be meeting to discuss the planning and implementation of this project.