Science Wins


The Aitchison College Science Society sent a contingent of seven teams to LGS Johar Town Innoventions’17. Our people implemented themselves as a strong competition against other teams which resulted in a triumphant victory. Listed below are the awards:

Aitchison College Team A, which consisted of:

  • Saeed Naeem
  • Ibrahim Ihsan
  • Irtaza Waseem
  • Huzaifa Ali
  • Abdullah Khurram
  • Sahibzada Mayed

Won two events which were: DASSP, and Our Place In Space Aitchison College Team B, which consisted of:

  • Mustapha Zeb Khan
  • Ahmad Mujtaba Aamir
  • Abdullah Imran
  • Awad Irfan
  • Hashim Iqbal
  • Hyder Ali Bokhari



Won the events: Enchevetrement, Geopardy, and Bit by Bit Aitchison College Team C, which consisted of:

  • Shahmir Aziz
  • Muhammad Zain
  • Ali Imran
  • Maair Imtiaz
  • Haadi Hayat Khan
  • Mian Muhammad Ahmed Shah
  • Won a single event: Aeronautica

Also came runners up in: Our Place In Space Aitchison College Team D, which consisted of:

  • Ahmed Hassan
  • Ali Sultan
  • Ali Irzam Kathia
  • Mustafa Mansoor Javaid
  • Rahim Amjad
  • Mahad Imtiaz Saeed



Managed to come to runners up in: Investigative Reporting Aitchison College Team E, which consisted of:

  • Muhammad Ahson Hassan
  • Mustafa Ihsan
  • Wasif Farrukh
  • Jaffer Iqbal
  • Abbas Fateh Ud Din
  • Mohammad Osama

Managed to win: Design and Technology Aitchison College Team G, which consisted of:

  • Arsalan Malik
  • Hamza Khan
  • Ibrahim Zulfiqar Ali
  • Amaan Syed
  • Aitsam Zafar