The mark of a great educational institution is the reach of its ambition: the ideal is an education versed in the liberal arts, the natural sciences, social sciences, and an appreciation of the breadth and interconnectedness of knowledge. The metacognition program at Aitchison which will seek to add significant breadth to the current scope of instruction. This program will not replace or displace the O/A levels. Instead, with a commitment of approximately two hours per week per student, we hope to take the initial steps in crafting a program in which the students will have a much broader exposure to knowledge that may not be in their specific curricula. 

The Principal expects this program will evolve further, enabling students at Aitchison College to broaden their thinking through project work conducted with the aid of academic mentors. Such projects will enhance university applications and introduce students to the skills of research conventions. Aitchison College needs to provide an environment of learning in line with the practices of the best schools in the world, so that it continues to produce leaders of the future. This program will help achieve this goal.