MISMO National and Regional Winners

Maarif Interschool Math Olympiad (MISMO) was conducted on 27th November 2022 across Pakistan. 874 schools and 17500 students participated in this competition from various school systems. 22 students from Aitchison college, Prep school appeared for this contest. They performed exceptionally well. 12 students secured top ten positions at regional level and were awarded in regional prize distribution ceremony, held on 4th February 2023 at PakTurk Maarif International School Lahore.

Three students stood in the top three positions at national level. National winners were awarded in the National Prize distribution held on 4th March at Marriot hotel Islamabad. Details are

MISMO National Winners (Top Three Positions in Pakistan):

S.No C.No Name Father Name House Class National Position Cash Prize
1 19111 Ayaan Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad Iqbal E2-F2 1st Rs. 75000/-
2 19104 Syed Irtaza Haroon Syed Haroon Mansoor Shershah E2-F5 3rd Rs. 25000/-
3 18603 Mian Usman Arif Mian Arif Mehmood Saigol (PS) M1-A2 3rd Rs. 25000/-

MISMO Regional Winners (Top Three Positions in Punjab Region):

S.No C.No Name Father Name House Class Regional Position Cash Prize
1 19073 Muhammad Ahmad Zulfiqar Shahid Zaman Lak Liaqat E2-G2 2nd 10000
2 18958 Sarmad Nazir Ahmad Muhammad Waqas Nazir Shershah M1-F1 2nd 10000
3 20141 Ismail Hashim Hashim Zafar Iqbal M2A1 3rd 7000

MISMO Regional Winners (4th till 8th Positions in Punjab Region):

S.NO C.No Name Father Name House Class Regional Position Cash Prize
1 21144 Mohammad Bilal Choudhry Choudhry Babar Iqbal Tariq E2-A1 6th 5000
2 19084 Mustafa-ur-Rehman Khan Ali-ur-Rehman Khan Salahuddin E2-A2 7th 5000
3 19090 Shahmeer Sikander Haroon Sikander Liaqat E2-C1 4th 5000
4 19051 Muhammad Aariz Sohail Sohail Habib Niazuddin E2-F3 8th 5000
5 19078 Muhammad Haseeb Raza Raza Akram Qasim E2-F4 5th 5000
6 18863 Muhammad Muavwiz Humayun Muhammad Awais Humayun Iqbal M1-A1 6th 5000
7 18906 Muhammad Talha Nauman Nauman Sarfraz Khalid M1-F1 7th 5000
8 20431 Abdullah Bin Ghulam Ghulam Mustafa Niazuddin M2A1 7th 5000
9 18737 Ahmad Yasser Yasser Hussain Niazuddin M2F4 8th 5000