Principal's High Achievers' Tea Party

Saturday January 13

A gathering of around 800 parents and high achievers enjoyed a superb occasion in the Principal's garden. Mr. Thomson paid tribute to boys and staff, and made special mention of how the professional development of teachers along with the adoption of new Cambridge curricula lay at the heart of so many successful young academics. Mr Thomson emphasised that while Aitchison was impelled to stay abreast of modern educational developments, including robotics, Aitchison would always educate for character first. He also briefed parents on the topic of admissions to medical colleges, and took time to congratulate the 20 boys from last year who were admitted into private colleges, including 4 to Agha Khan. He stressed it was high time that A levels were accepted on par with FSC and that public colleges were missing out on boys who were talented and could make a much needed contribution to Pakistan's health system. He also added that a new MCAT was required that not only reflected a changing and varied educational system, but one which also helped identify boys best suited to medicine.

Chief Guest Dr Iqbal Qureshi, eminent academic and member of the Board of Governors, encouraged boys to see service to the nation as a priority. While he conceded most would study overseas because Pakistan needed to lift the quality of its universities, he was hopeful that most would return to help build a better nation with their skills and qualifications.