Aitchison College Science Society lifts Karachi Grammar STEM Olympiad's Best Institute/ Best Delegation Award.

The Aitchison College Science Society participated in the tenth edition of the Karachi Grammar STEM Olympiad. Over the course of three days, ACSS competed in multiple categories, spanning biology, physics, astronomy, fandom, and gaming.

Despite facing tough competition from schools like Nixor and Cedar, ACSS ultimately secured the Best Delegation Trophy, earning a total of five awards.

They emerged victorious in astronomy (Celestia Mechania) and psychology (Freudian Slipknot), as well as in crypto (Riddler's Realm). Additionally, they were runners-up in crime (Daedalus Downfall) and gaming (Brass Battlegrounds).

Lastly the behaviour of all the students was immaculate throughout the visit to Karachi.