The Linguistic Day


January 27th, 2018

The Linguistic Day held at Aitchison, on 27th January 2018, was one of the finest ‘Language Festivals’ in Pakistan.The exhilarating opening ceremony was followed by a wide array of melodies from various foreign  languages taught at Aitchison which include German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Persian and Arabic. Among all these exceptional performances ones that stood apart were the French Choir from Prep School, and the German Performance by Senior School. The ceremony concluded with the Chief Guest, Mr. Arif Saeed a distinguished Old boy, and Mr. Principal giving their remarks about the event. Quizzes and other events soon followed. The Linguistics event ended on a high with the unveiling of different food stalls all representing foods from various cultures. A perfect way to sum up the event would be in the Chief Guests own words, "... a mini United Nations." Later in the evening, the highly anticipated 'Ragga Bund' Concert took place. ‘Ragga Bund’ is a leading German Dancehall and Reggae band. Putting up an amazing event was not a one-man show but rather a team effort. All the credits go to respective Language departments of all the schools (Senior, Prep, Junior) involved, the Goethe Institute and all the students and staff involved who tirelessly worked to make this event a success.