Aitchison College Geography society

Inter-house Geography competition

The competition was held on 12th September 2018 and was a success due to enthusiastic participation from all the houses. The rules and regulations were adhered to, throughout the competition. Two students from each house took part as a team.

The competition was so challenging that even the well versed students had to re-think multiple times. Only those with rigorous thinking skills and creativity were able to perform well.

The paper had three sections (A, B, C).

Section A: Multiple Choice questions

Section B: Free response Essay from a given prompt

Section C: Activity

Section A and B gave a tough time to the contestants while the section C made the competition even more interesting. A box containing pieces of maps were placed in the middle of the room. Every house was assigned a unique country, and the house had to find the pieces of the map of that country and paste it together. Co-ordination, speed, accuracy and quality of the final map presented, were all assessed.

The competition was not possible without the constant support of Ms Zahra Shahid. She did not only help us in setting the exam but also in making it more challenging and interesting. She helped us in maintaining discipline throughout. Moreover, she helped us in setting the mark scheme. She made sure that no team was awarded more or fewer points than they deserved.



Following students performed exceptionally well and proved themselves Knowledgeable.


Position Participant House
1 Arsum Nadeem Chaudry Jubilee
Shams Ahmed Qureshi
2 Myer Imtiaz Centenary
Amir shahid
3 Muhammad Abdullah Ghazi
Hussain suleman