Hali Challenge Cup 2018


The power of words can shape history and ideas. Great revolutions have been inspired by motivating speeches. War and peace raised and settled on the power of words. To write and to deliver a speech is an art and no less than a grand tradition at Aitchsion. So it was that the Aitchison College Bazm e Adab Society conducted the annual Hali Challenge Cup, providing a platform for young Aitchisonians to polish their Urdu speaking skills. There were numerous House participants who  delivered passionate and articulate speeches. Judges from Lahore College and Government College were most impressed. Under the presidency of the President Bazm-e-Adab Syed Qasim Abbas, the event went smoothly.  Ultimately, Sadiq Kareem Soofi was declared the best speaker of the competition. The Principal praised all speakers and thanked our eminent judges.