Talk by an Old Boy and Yale Alumnus


An old boy, Assad Ahmad (Batch of 2000 - Yale Graduate), visited Aitchison College on Friday 30th September 2016. He met with the H2 boys for a talk about his experiences at Aitchison and his journey since he left Aitchison College. It was an extremely motivational talk and one that led to several questions from the audience. Assad emphasized the importance of hard work, honesty and a deep sense of responsibility for young people to achieve their dreams. It was extremely heartening to listen to this brilliant young man, who has achieved so much in life, yet the humility and depth of emotion that he spoke with, left the audience questioning their own attitudes. It was an honor hosting such a brilliant old boy and we look forward to welcoming more old Aitchisonians to help enrich lives of the present day Aitchisonians.