German Youth Camp

Godavari Village Resort, Lalitpur, Nepal
9th June – 15th June 2019

Goethe Institute conducted a German youth camp in the Godavari Village Resort, Lalitpur, Nepal, from 9th to 15th June 2019.  The theme of the camp this year was Miteinander Leben (co-existence). A total of 101 students participated in the camp from different countries around the world. Two students from Aitchison College attended the camp accompanied by their German teacher, Ms. Andleeb Syed.

Five workshops were conducted by experts in their respective fields (creative writing, city plan, recycling, contemporary dance, performing arts etc.). A cultural evening with the twist was also held where students had to represent their respective city or country infusing Germany culture in their presentations. Our students managed to develop a strong bond of friendship with other students and succeeded in acquiring various skills which will definitely help them in learning German language in a better manner. The camp was a platform to interact with German teachers and students from various schools and study about their perspectives and this helped our students to gather firsthand experience of interacting and learning from native speakers and other learners.