Reliving Aitchison: A Modern Photographic History


The book ‘Reliving Aitchison: A Modern Photographic History’ is a collector’s item that boasts of a remarkable collection of photographs of the college taken byinternationally recognized old boy photographer, Zill Niazi. The photographs are mostly double spread and capture the grandeur and magnificence of the college in a way that is sure to stir emotions and take former aitchisonians down the memory lane.

The following video was shot on a hot summers day, the college buildings and lawns gleaming in the sun. Mian Ijaz Ul Hassan (teacher, painter, writer, art critic) visited his alma mater and as he walked down the Pipal Avenue with the current students, he was filled with nostalgia as he recalled his school memories. The interaction shown in the video, between an old boy and the current students, signifies the integral role Aitchison has played across generations.

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