Leadership Camp 2019


The Leadership Camp 2019 was held at Aitchison College from August 21st to August 23rd. It was a 3-day event which included motivational speeches by distinguished leaders in their fields, group discussions, assigning tasks to students and student presentations.

On Day 1, Mr. Omar Saeed spoke on the qualities of leadership and explained different leadership styles through role playing by the students. This was followed by Mr. Wasim Ahmad’s talk on the value of traditions in life, which left the students with a lot to think about.

On Day 2, Khawaja Asim, Howard Professor, conducted a talk with the students. Dr. Chaudhri spoke passionately about the qualities of a gentleman, followed by a talk on conflict resolution by Abeer Mustafa, former Head Boy. On the last day, Mr. Azam Jamil delivered an inspirational talk on the rules of life, motivation and passion.

The camp also included a movie night, visit to the Archive Centre, futsal competition and tug of war.

Leadership Camp 2019 aimed to inculcate the values of respect, resilience, acceptance, tolerance, honesty, kindness, and empathy in the students, while teaching them teamwork and conflict resolution skills. There was also a focus on the role of leadership in engaging the community.