The First Inter-School Water Polo Championship


The first Inter-School Water Polo Championship took place at Aitchison College on 21st September, 2019.

Water Polo is a competitive team water sport. Did you know that this modern game originated as a form of rugby played in the rivers and lakes in England and Scotland?

The participants included Aitchison College, LGS Johar Town (Seniors), Chand Bagh School, Choueifat School, and LGS Johar Town (Juniors).

Aitchison won the final match against Chand Bagh scoring 15 goals, while Chand Bagh scored 1 goal.

The runners up were LGS JT (Juniors) with 8 goals and Choueifat school with 1 goal.

Top Scorer of the Championship - Azam Khan from Class H2, L.J. House

Aitchison College conceded only 01 goal in the entire championship.