Aitchison College Holds Art and Performing Arts Fest


The Aitchison College Art & Performing Arts Fest 2020 was held from January 10th to 12th, organized by the school’s Arts & Media Society and Ms. Sara Ahmer, the Head of the Art Department. The festival boasted 16 different categories across 4 main art and performing arts groups: Visual Arts, Media Arts, Music, and Performing Arts.

The AC Art Fest ’20 invited students from campuses all over Pakistan to compete and enhance their skills through participation and preparation for the festival.

What started as a small inter-collegiate art competition has grown over the years to become the most anticipated art competition among schools.

The competition's Welcoming Committee ensured that the campus was at it artistic best to welcome the participants, boosting morale, and getting everyone’s creative juices flowing.

The Art Fest included competitions including filmmaking, graffiti design, architectural design, instrumental and band performances, drama, monologues, and more, with students competing with vigor and a wondrous height of talent. The Principal, Mr. Thomson, called it the best Arts Fest he has seen at any school and praised the committee and staff, as well as thanking guest judges and our Chief Guest.