Aitchison to Open the New 'Dawood Basketball Centre'


The ‘Dawood Basketball Centre' will be officially opened at 10 AM on Saturday, February 22, 2020.

The Principal, the Bursar, and the Headmistress met with family representatives, Mr. Taimur Dawood, his sister Mrs. Mehreen Dawood, and Zainab Ahmad, to review the progress of the new courts.

The centre will offer 3 new basketball surfaces, including a premier court and a special practice shooting area.

The Principal, Mr. Michael Thomson expressed his gratitude to the Dawood Family. He said, "The Annual ACOBA Basketball Match would be the ideal first match to launch a new era of basketball."

Mr. Thomson encouraged the old boys and the students to enjoy the day as well as the match. Now, along with the new synthetic hockey pitch, the Dawood Basketball Centre completes a major part of the sporting strategic plan.