Aitchisonian Team Wins Best Delegation at Haydarpasa International MUN


The ACMUN Society sent an 11-member team to the Haydarpasa International MUN (HIMUN) held at the Haydarpasa Lisesi High School from Mon, Jan 27th to the Thurs, Jan 30th, 2020. The team was accompanied and guided by staff advisor Mr. Tariq Yasin.

The Haydarpasa Lisesi High School is situated in Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey and was established in 1934. This HIMUN was one of the toughest MUNs in Turkey, with students ranging from secondary school to university.

Despite the challenges, the students returned home this time again with 7 Best Delegate awards, 4 Outstanding Diplomacy awards, and the Best Delegation Award, outperforming all other schools there:

Farhad Aamir Best Delegate UNESCO
Hassan Ali Best Delegate OCHA
Shehryar Usman Best Delegate UNSC
Wassai Sethi Best Delegate WTO
Rafay Azhar Best Delegate HA
Mikaayel Aasim Best Judge ICJ
Murtaza Hiraj Best Delegate Alexander the Great's Cabinet
Shehryar Hamesh Outstanding & Most Precedence Delegate ILO
Fazeel Hussain Naqvi Outstanding & Most Precedence Delegate UNCSD
Talha Khan Outstanding Delegate JCC - Irish Confederates
Haroon Masood Outstanding Delegate JCC - Scottish Covenanters

After the event, the boys spent their time visiting Turkish landmarks in Istanbul including the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace.

Congratulations to the Aitchison boys!