Aitchison College, Lahore.
April 08, 2020

Principal's Letter April 8

Dear Parents and Boys,

Another long letter to read, but the information is vitally important. Our arrangements are exceptional given the circumstances. Please note this letter is written on the basis of a June recommencement of school. A Table of Important Events is a summary of what is written here.

  1. Cambridge Grades -Updated April 7

Cambridge has now officially advised all schools to collaborate in providing school-based grades for Cambridge to make evidence-based decisions on grades for each student in each syllabus.  In other words, Cambridge will use its own data and statistical processes to finalise the grades. This applies to C2 (IGCSE), H1 (AS) and H2 (only H2 will be allowed to appear for October/November on request to Examination Office). Cambridge has reached this decision by taking into account submissions from all schools worldwide, and with universities. While there still remain one or two complex issues to resolve, we can now move forward with greater certainty. In effect, a grade for each candidate in each syllabus is required along with a rank order of candidates in that syllabus. Our final submission of proposed grades will be signed off by the Principal on recommendation of the Vice Principal and Headmistress to ensure a collective overview. 

The awarding of grades will be relatively straight-forward for H1 and H2, as a good deal of assessment has already taken place. C2 grades will rely upon school assessments mainly Half Yearly results, although we are still hoping that Cambridge will consider our proposed June Mock session for this year level. In regard to the C2 Mocks, we believe these will not only satisfy the great majority of boys and parents and better reflect the potential of each boy, but just as importantly provide essential completion of the IGCSE session, as previously advised. The Aitchison June Mock for C2 will proceed regardless of whether Cambridge accepts the result for inclusion or not, although our expectation is they should. Either way, this is the only responsible course of action for boys undertaking A level studies. Accordingly, the June Mock session is compulsory for C2 and will take place from June 1st to June 13th.  New H1 classes will commence on June 29 to link with the AS examination session that has proven so successful. Accordingly, we will not be offering October/ November examinations for C2 as previously mooted, because to do so will disturb or truncate the teaching program and reduce precious time for H1 studies. Please refer to our Table of Important Events below for more information.

  1. Current Boys

Current Junior and Prep boys will return to their existing classes on June 10th to complete the basics of the current school year. This slightly delayed start is necessary for us to complete Admissions. On June 29th, all current boys will be promoted and new course work will begin. New boys will join these classes on that date. Current C1 and C2 boys will undertake Mocks from June 1st, please refer to the Table of Important Events below. Special preparations are being made for C1 Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat.  

  1. New Admissions

Admission Testing for K1 to K5 and E2 will take place in the first week, June 1st to June 6th. A detailed schedule will appear before the end of this week. Admission Testing for AS and F.Sc entries in H1 is scheduled for June 6th but this will depend on the availability of seats as yet to be determined. Regardless, all new seats should be confirmed by June 22nd. Books and clothing will be a challenge and I ask parents, new and current, to be patient in what is an unusually tight schedule given that no school operation can start prior to June 1. Our aim is to get boys back to school as quickly as possible, but certain things have to fall into place first. All testing will be done in more than adequate space and with proper precautions, as was the case with our SAT testing earlier this year. Given the difficulties of international travel, we are allocating a very small number of places to international applicants we believe worthy of a place in the College.

In conclusion, we have made these decisions bearing in mind our resources and responsibilities. Under no circumstances should parents contact individual teachers. The Vice Principal and Headmistress are available for queries, as is the Bursar for financial matters.

Warm wishes,


Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E




For New Admissions




April 27th

Registration open for AS & F.Sc only



  • O-levels/IGCSE may apply for F.Sc or AS
  • Matric students may apply for F.Sc only
  • Boys will submit the predicted grades from their schools, Certificates and other relevant documents for verification in involvement in sports & co-curricular

May 15th

Deadline for application submission for AS & F.Sc only


June 1-6th

Admission Test Week for K1-K5 & E2

Junior School and Prep School

June 6th  Saturday


June 6-7th

Mathematics & English tests for AS and F.Sc entries

Admission Confirmation K1-K5 & E2

Physics labs, Barry Block

June 12-20

Interview of shortlisted candidates for AS and F.Sc only and offers made for all new admissions


June 22nd

Deadline for Acceptance of the offer and fee submission for all new admissions


June 29th

All New Admissions and H1 start their classes

AS & F.Sc (both)

  • Please note that Registration & Application for Junior and Prep Admissions is closed.