Principal Michael Thomson welcomed Chief Guest, old boy and renowned artist Ijaz ul Hassan (Kelly House) to launch "Reliving Aitchison - A Modern Photographic History", photographed by internationally recognised photographer Zill Niazi (Kelly House). Fifty old boy stalwarts attended the event and the Principal expressed his gratitude to "familiar faces who always show the way in supporting the College with more than words." He described the book as:"The finest he had seen in any school." Ijaz Saab mentioned how he became emotional in a pre-launch viewing when he saw his old boarding house and how it rekindled many fine memories of friends. He described the book as "a work of art", and Zill Niazi as "an artist of exceptional quality."

Book orders may be placed with the Bursar's office. Old boys who wish to see the book prior to purchase may contact the Alumni officer. Books subject to availability.

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Photographic History