Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.

The Adjunct faculty has a special role in helping the College develop units in meta-cognition, bridging learning and thought between school and university. They meet with students and staff from the College to discuss initiatives. The first meta-cognition syllabus commences in 2017 for participating O and A level students. The Faculty comprises 'Old Boys' from esteemed universities. A regular focus of the metacognition series is the exploration of core reasonings in ethics and morality.



Name Aitchison Graduating Class College Current Position
Salman Akhtar A-Levels: 1984 BS, MS: MIT Co-CEO Techlogix
Nadeem Babar A-Levels: 1981 BS: Columbia
MS: Stanford
Orient Power
Omer Khayyam A-Levels: 1982 BA: Columbia CEO Hadayatsons
Asim Loan FSc: 1984 BS: UET Lahore
PhD: University of Southern California
Prof. Elec. Engg.
UET Lahore
Nauman Zaffar A-Levels: 1985 BS, MS: Univ. Pennsylvania Prof. Elec. Engg.
Omer Saeed A-Levels: 1986 BA: Brown
MBA: Harvard
CEO Servis Industries
Irfan Chaudhry A-Levels: 1988 BS, MS, PhD: MIT Prof. Elec. Engg.
UET Lahore
Salman Akram Raja A-Levels: 1984 LLM.: Harvard Law School
LLM.: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
MA: Downing College, University of Cambridge

Advocate Supreme Court, Pakistan
Ayezan Malik A-Levels: 2010 BA: Yale
MBA: Harvard
Wall Street: Investment Banking, Private Equity & Hedge Funds