Aitchison College, Lahore.

Admission Testing August 21st to 24th

Dear Parents,

Admission testing will go ahead with government approval received for August 21 - 24. Our precautions in Junior and Prep are excellent and social distancing and interaction will be strictly controlled. We cannot delay admissions any longer and doing them now is better than imposing further delays. Now is the time to build the confidence of your son(s) for what will be fairly quick tests and as unpressured as possible. We have factored in ample time to carefully settle boys and process candidates. I wish every boy the very best. 

Please remember that entrance to the school will be under strict security. Juniors may only have one parent, guardian or helper to escort them to the checkpoint. All people in the school must wear masks. Face shields are optional as are gloves. Prep boys must make their own way under staff guidance. Temperature testing will be in place. Boys who cannot medically wear a mask for reasons of asthma or chronic breathing issues must have a doctor's certificate. Separate testing rooms will be arranged for such cases. Arrangements on the day will hopefully be very clear. You will receive a new invitation letter by tomorrow which will have additional instructions. The registration number will remain the same.

It is essential that parents and guardians reacquaint themselves with previous correspondence on Admissions explaining the many precautions we are taking.


Kind regards,

Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E