Archives’ Display Centre inaugurated at Aitchison College


On Monday 13th November, 2017, the newly established Archives’ Display Centre was officially inaugurated at the Aitchison College Mandir which had been sensitively utilized for showcasing archival material and returned to its former glory.

In his inaugural speech, College Principal Mr. Michael Thomson emphasized the importance of an Archives’ Centre to preserve the rich past of a historical institution like Aitchison College. Old Aitchisonian and College patron Syed Babar Ali also spoke on the occasion. He appreciated the Principal and the College Archivist for setting up the new Archives’ Centre and spoke about Aitchison College being a very important place in the subcontinent, accumulating history of various decades in its journey.

The inaugural exhibition showcased some of the earliest pieces of the College’s history from 1886 to 1953. The selected pieces provided a glimpse into life at Aitchison College before and after the 1947 Partition.

Senior College Staff as well as several Old Aitchisonians including Mr. Awais Leghari, Syed Mohammad Mohsin, Mr. Kamil Khan Mumtaz and President ACOBA Mr. Shah Jahan Ayub attended the event. The Old Boys took great delight in seeing old documents and photographs from their time at Aitchison College as they were engulfed with a strong sense of nostalgia.

The Archives Centre has been established to preserve, conserve and exhibit invaluable historical narratives and artefacts that reflect the rich past of Aitchison College. Aitchison’s Archive Centre, now a permanent feature of the College, will serve as a beacon of guidance and knowledge for years to come.