Legal Essay Writing Competition, 2018


The Aitchison College Law Society held the fourth edition of the Legal Essay Writing Competition on Thursday 8th of November, 2018. This competition allowed students to express their opinions and views regarding the contemporary legal systems and promoted interest for the subject. The topics for the competition were generalized in nature and students who had limited legal knowledge were also able to express their views. The competition tested participants’ ability to research, analyze and contemplate.


1. Rule of Law v Rule of Justice

2. Judicial activism in Pakistan and its impact on institutions

3. Rights of minorities in post Zia-ul-Haq Pakistan

4. Should Sharia Law be implemented in Pakistan? Discuss.


With over 40 students from senior school participating, the event was a toughly contested one. The results of the Legal Essay Writing Competition 2018 are as follows:


Seniors Category:

1. Abdullah Shah.H2-G. L.J.House. (19277)

2. M.Ali Bhoon. H1-B. Tajjudin House. (17301). Danial Khichi H1-H. Godley House. (15948)

3. Shamil Khan. H1-C. Hali House. (15910)


Juniors Category:

1. Abdul Ahad Qureshi. C2-C. Babur House. (17116)

2. Ali Annan Aziz. C2-J. Ghazi House. (19169)

3. Sardar Ahmad. C1-L. Goldstein House. (18552)

Legal Essay Writing Competition
Legal Essay Writing Competition