ACMUN - 2016

Aitchison College conducted the seventh edition of its Model United Nations on the 22nd of September 2016. This four day conference lasted till the 25th of September 2016, featuring over 550 delegates and 60 delegations. We are proud to say that after our one year gap ACMUN came back as the biggest high school Model United Nations' Conference of the year.

This year ten committees ranging from the United Nations Security Council to the World Bank Group were simulated at the conference and like-minded delegates from all across Pakistan discussed topics such as the threat modern day drones pose on International Sovereignty, Money Laundering and Corruption or the Chinese Expansionist Policy and their human right violations in the regions of Taiwan and Tibet along with combating Middle Eastern crises.

Other than the traditional topic based debate, we also simulated two crisis committees; Bashar Al Assads Cabinet of Interior Ministers and the All Pakistan Crisis Cabinet. In these two committees delegates were faced with real life crises where they had to think fast on their feet in order to save their two countries; Syria and Pakistan.

It is with immense pleasure that we say all ten committees at ACMUN VII had heated debate with razor sharp diplomacy and extremely innovative solutions. However what really made ACMUN special were the socials conducted after the committee sessions. Here delegates were given a chance to actually absorb different cultures in the Global Village where delegations presented their respective country's culture via decorating stalls, showcasing foreign foods and jewelry etcetera.

On another occasion, delegates were given eye-opening viewpoints from Pakistani Diplomats who were kind enough to address delegations at the diplomatic meet which was then followed by a formal dinner where delegates could socialize with other fellow delegates and relish the breathtaking campus.

At the end of the third day delegates were given the optimum opportunity to relax after three days of vigorous debate where they themselves volunteered to showcase their talents on stage. Performances ranged from Eastern and Western Songs to Dances and Drama and it was truly an amazing experience.

Concluding, at the end of the fourth day, we hosted the Closing Ceremony, where committee awards were announced. All delegations performed extremely well receiving various awards in their respective committees. Lahore Grammar School 55 Main and Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Boys Senior Campus truly stood out as they managed to clench the coveted Outstanding Delegation and Best Delegation awards respectively.