Aitchison College and UHS working together


It was great recognition of the teaching quality at Aitchison that several of our Science teachers, including our Deputy Headmaster Dr. Muhammad Kamran, were asked to join a distinguished panel setting a potential question bank for the UHS (University of Health Sciences) MDCAT.  We were honoured to attend the UHS in March for an historic MOU signed by the Principal, Mr. Thomson and Vice Chancellor Professor Javed Akram of UHS. Mr Thomson remarked: "This not only helps our own professional development, but brings pedagogical links to the higher education system and supports a great national cause. It is crucial for both sectors of education to collaborate, from time to time, on how we might assess students especially in the transition period from school to university that should be as seamless as possible. We can learn from each other."

During phase one, three Physics teachers (Mr. Sohail, Mr. Yaqoob, Dr. Kamran) and two biology teachers (Mr. Aslam, Mr. Yasir) were involved in setting & reviewing examination questions. Dr. Kamran said: "While it was an extensive exercise of four to five hours on daily basis at UHS, the sessions were extremely productive and helped us understand the question styles/levels of other boards as well." 

In 2019-2020 Aitchison College also launches FSc with the Agha Khan Foundation thus extending our reach into the national system. Our medical bound boys now can remain at Aitchison College for their entire secondary journey. 

Well done to the Science Department and its Head of Faculty Dr. Huma Izhar.