Aitchison College Science and Engineering Concept - ACSEC IV


3 Days. 12 Categories – 20th to 22nd  September 2019

The Aitchison College Science Society is proud to present the fourth edition of the Aitchison College Science and Engineering Concept (ACSEC IV). In the span of a year, ACSEC has seen itself emerge from relative obscurity and transformed into one of the leading High School Science Olympiads in the country. Our students have always strived to set a benchmark for others. The Aitchison College Science Society aspires to uphold this tradition by designing 12 unique categories for delegates to indulge in. Ranging from topics of Systems Biology and Robotics to Mathematics and Research Skills, each category holds something new, ensuring a lively affair for all those participating.


Compulsory Categories

Explore the 2 Compulsory Categories at ACSEC IV


Robinson Challenge

Pure Science

One of the compulsory events at ACSEC IV Robinson Challenge, and named after the first Principal of this historic institution, Walter A. Robinson, this event is all about the academic aspect of sciences. In this, not only your knowledge about pure sciences will be put to test, but also your critical thinking and analysing skills.

Langlands' Research Prize

Problem Solving

Dedicated to Major Geoffrey Douglas Langlands, the illustrious educationist who devoted over 70 years of his life to Pakistan and Aitchison College, this compulsory event will gauge the most fundamental of scientific practices; research and innovation.


Optional Categories

Explore the 10 Optional Categories at ACSEC IV


Fibonacci's Trials


The time has finally come to abandon the old perception of math being just a bland subject; a stereotype that has long plagued the young minds of this generation. Fibonacci's Trials is designed as a platform where bright young delegates will be given the opportunity to compete in not just mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills, but also in their teamwork, and how well they can keep a level head when time is crucial.

Cosmic Corona

Astronomy and Aerospace

Unravel the secrets of the universe and gaze out to the wonders of space at Cosmic Corona, where not only delegates' astronomy and aerospace know how is tested, but also how they apply this knowledge to produce practical results.

Mystery of Pipal Avenue


Crime speaks volumes about our society, and yet it flourishes. It grows in the streets of sprawling metropolis, it spreads in the bowels of cities. And this year, it has spread its dark wings over Aitchison College. It is now up to you, aspiring detectives, to expose the mastermind, to prove to us once and for all that you have what it takes to be the next Sherlock Holmes, and to solve, once and for all, the Mystery of Pipal Avenue.



Engineering is one of the most interesting parts of Science. ICARUS, this year is sure to put your engineering prowess to the test as it will focus on Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and models that will not only test your knowledge about them, but also your creativity and your time management skills as delegates would be required to give their all to produce some of the most intricate designs they have ever thought of.

Asimo's Ascension


Enter the enthralling world of robotics at Asimo's Ascension, an event that is in line with the ever-increasing love for automation. The delegates will have their critical thinking, programming, construction and circuitry skills all put to the test, whilst also acquiring new skills and knowledge in the rising field of "Mechatronics"

Turing's Lair

Logic and Cryptography

Merging logical thinking and cryptography, Turing's Lair is the place to go for masterful thinkers. Prove yourself worthy as you battle with layers of ciphers and have your minds pushed to their limits with seemingly unsolvable problems.



Delve into the depths of your favourite fictional worlds and take on the trials prepared for you this year at R.A.C.E., where delegates will have a unique and exhilirating experience even if they aren't the next Galileo or Einstein.

Genetic Enigma


Focusing on Synthetic and Conventional Biology, this event will not only test delegates' theoretical knowledge regarding Biology but also their aptitude and capability to apply that knowledge in practical situations and find biological solutions for real-world problems.


Computer Science

From developing programs to testing them; from writing code, to deciphering it; Bitwise provides a platform for computer science enthusiasts from all around Pakistan to compete in a gruelling and competitive environment and show off their technical virtuoso.

Wolf of Tech Street


Providing a platform for the young innovators of the future, ACSEC's Entrepreneurship will have delegates not only find scientific and technological solutions to real world problems, but also present them in a profitable manner which appeals to investors.