Aitchison College Science and Engineering Concept - ACSEC IV


Aitchison College’s premier Science Olympiad, ACSEC, took place from 20th September to 22nd September, 2019.

ACSEC gives an opportunity to science students across the nation to gather at one place and compete against each other in competitions designed to challenge their technical and creative acumen.

There were 12 distinct events, including 2 compulsory categories and 10 optional ones. The compulsory categories, The Robinson Challenge and Langlands Research Prize, took place at the Shamim Khan Hall on the first day. The Barry Block was host to 10 of the most diverse and challenging optional rounds that were put together this year.

Congratulations to Cedar College Team A for winning Best Team and Lahore Grammar School Johar Town for winning Best Delegation for their exceptional performances in the 12 categories at ACSEC IV.