CERN Beamline for schools (BL4S) competition


The CERN Beamline for schools (BL4S) is a competition held every year for high school students around the world to get the scarce and treasured opportunity to propose a science experiment that they want to perform at the DESY particle accelerator facility in Hamburg, Germany. It is organised by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The first prize for the winning teams is a trip to DESY to carry out their proposed experiments at a fully-equipped accelerator beamline, which is an incredibly prestigious and rarely awarded honour, that many dedicated physicists around the world can only dream of. This event features fierce competition from teams worldwide, with 198 teams from 47 different countries participating this year.

This year, the Aitchison College Science Society also participated in this prestigious competition for the first time in the history of the College. 

The team consisted of:

  1. Maair Imtiaz H2
  2. Ali Imran Khokhar H2
  3. Muhammad Zain H2
  4. Murtaza Yar Hiraj H2
  5. Wali Ahmad H1
  6. Rafay Hadi C2

Bearing the name Team Langlands, in honour of acclaimed educator Geoffrey Langlands, they meticulously designed an experiment worthy of a facility as esteemed as DESY. The team faced formidable opposition, and while they narrowly missed out on victory this year, the expertise and experience gained has certainly laid an excellent foundation for future participation.