Students from Senior School provide free masks to the underprivileged people of Pakistan


Amidst the unprecedented Corona Virus outbreak, with panic levels and reported cases at their peak, two of our students from Senior School, Nahayan Ali Sheikh and Haris Wahla, both in C2, took upon the task of providing free masks to the underprivileged and most vulnerable people of Pakistan. 

Both of them realised that for something as basic as a face mask; there were genuine issues where people could either not afford to buy or did not fully understand the significance of wearing a mask. Their organisation goes by the name of Mask Drive Pakistan and comprises of 150 volunteers with the core objective of donating masks and having communal engagements to emphasise the importance of wearing one. Till date, Mask Drive Pakistan has successfully conducted 17 mask distribution drives in 13 different cities of Pakistan and distributed more than 8000 masks. 

On Monday, 28th September 2020, they brought the initiative closer to home and went to the Aitchison College Campus Schools and donated 3000 masks for the students. 

We should all take inspiration from such initiatives and make an effort to support the less privileged people in our society.

Senior School boys with Campus School Heads