A Book Campaign for the Students of Balochistan


Balochistan is one of the most underdeveloped provinces in Pakistan, with a literacy rate of just 44%. 

An NGO called the Balochistan Youth Action Committee (BYAC), which has gained international recognition from prominent world figures including Bill Gates, has tried to encourage literacy in the province by donating books to various schools and libraries in rural areas across Balochistan. 

To support the cause of literacy in Pakistan and to assist the BYAC in its mission, the Aitchison College Literary Society (ACLS) and the Aitchison College  Humanitarian and Environmental Society (ACHES) collaborated for a book collection drive on behalf of BYAC. 

Despite schools having to shut down because of the second wave of COVID-19, the Literary and Humanitarian Societies collected approximately 90 books in the span of a month,  which were then donated to BYAC. The books cover a diverse range of subjects, from general knowledge, science, classical and contemporary literary fiction, to sports (including a biography of Lionel Messi - sure to be a favourite) and arts and crafts, and will hopefully capture the interest of school-children in Balochistan. 

We are proud of our boys for their excellent work, and for supporting this great cause which is close to the hearts of all Aitchisonians.