Aitchison College, Lahore.
August 27, 2016

Student Attendance at School

Dear Parents,

A gentle reminder that boys are expected to observe school dates, especially arrival for each new term and its finish date. When boys return late, they place undue pressure on themselves and ultimately the teachers who are called upon to help them catch up; which, in turn, impinges on the time staff should be devoting to other boys who have done the right thing and who are trying to ‘get ahead’.

Unexplained breaks during term time are also unacceptable; unless, of course, there is ill-health, extraordinary family circumstances or school approved trips. Please make sure that we remain in good communication on such matters, so that we can assist where possible in maintaining work standards. Even a week can make a huge difference in results at the senior level. Please also consider that with AS level examinations now in H1, boys cannot ‘drift’ or miss class.

I need to remind parents that Cambridge courses in English, Mathematics and Science need to be taught by educators trained in this curriculum. External tutors will not know how to do this and may damage your son‘s results.

Quite apart from this fact, it is simply wrong to be late to school after an extended holiday period.

Thank you to the overwhelming number of parents who support the College in this regard.

Warm wishes,

Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E