Aitchison College, Lahore.
October 07, 2016

Dear Parents,

Important Notice: H1 and H2 Study Leave 2016/17

It is fundamental to our educational philosophy that boys spend the maximum time available at school and use school resources to prepare for examination success. In this regard, there is a balance between supervised and private study. Last year, I was deeply concerned at the numbers of boys who did not attend school and whose results, I am sure, suffered predictable consequences. I remind all parents and students that cooperation between school and home is vital for examination success, in any system, in any country, at any time. Teachers cannot make up for the lost lessons and time.

H2 boys who are relying on strong SAT and ACT results are in a peculiar position. Until now, I sense this has been largely an externally conducted exercise by choice, although Aitchison has provided internal support of quality prior to the test dates. My position on this is that Aitchison will in future, now that the number of Cambridge A levels has been reduced, conduct more significant sessions in preparation for both tests within the school timetable. We will also invite experts in these areas to address the boys.

Please note that after SAT and ACT testing is completed this year, boys must have a 95% attendance record up to Study Leave. Those whose attendance is unsatisfactory will not be allowed to sit for their examinations. Please note this school policy so as to avoid disappointment. Other than major medical absence or verifiable extraordinary circumstances there will there no exceptions.

Study Leave is a set period of time offered by the College to its most senior boys who require private time to prepare for external examinations. This means boys are exempted from all school commitments for those dates -should they choose to be exempted. This year, H1 will sit for AS Level examinations and will be treated differently to H2, as the latter has approximately twice the number of examinations to complete.

Accordingly the following will apply:


H1 Study Leave: April 14 - April 30 inclusive, depending on CIE Examination timetable.


H2 Study Leave: April 1 to April 30 inclusive, depending on CIE Examination timetable.


Throughout the Study Leave period, we have arranged for academic support of a different nature from last year. There will be subject specific days that boys may attend and have the time to pursue difficulties or seek additional advice. The timetable will be set by the Headmistress and published well in advance of the Study Leave.


Further queries about Study Leave entitlements should be directed to the Headmistress of Senior School. No changes to this arrangement will be entertained.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E