Aitchison College, Lahore.
April 22, 2019


Work on the Old Building is nearing completion and we anticipate a re-opening at the commencement of the new academic session or very early in the new session. The building will be returned to its once central place in the College. To this end, I am glad to announce that the building will become home to H2 classes in almost all subjects. We will finalize plans over May and share these when available.

The building has excellent rooms and there will be a focus on technology in learning, thus a university style. There will be glass whiteboards to protect the integrity of the walls in each room. Upstairs will offer an extended reading room and study area for H2 with a library especially aimed at A level studies and higher levels of inquiry. A designated Head of H2 and teaching staff will also be stationed in the building.

I believe it is a fitting historical end to a boy’s journey at Aitchison to experience this unique building. The Main Hall will still remain open to public and wider functions.

I wish to thank all donors and especially those who have given 5 lacks and more and whose names will be placed on a plaque to be displayed in an outer section of the Hall of Honour. We still need more donors and I encourage old boys to give generously to a project that is real and adding to the quality of our boys’ educational experience. Donations may be made on behalf of designated people or groups. Please contact our Alumni Office for assistance.

Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E